Museum for Forest Finn Culture in Norway

The migration of the forest finns from Finland to Sweden and Eastern Norway started in the 17th century, and the settlers introduced their language, culture and habits in the regions they eastablished themselves in. Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway exists for the advantage of the forest finns and presents the forest finn culture and traditions. Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway researches the history and culture of forest finns and seeks to convey the information through various exhibitions and arrangements. The museum also provides a meeting point for forest finns as well as organisations and researchers interested in the forest finn culture history. Central themes of research are migration, historical slash-and-burn practise, architecture, magic and religion as well as home and school.

Museum of Forest Finn Culture is established in 2005, and it is located in southeastern Norway, in Grue municipality in the heart of Finnskogen. The historical buildings and premises are located all over Finnskogen and Solør in Norway and the entire collections of Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway consist of approximately 350 000 items ranging from houses and artefacts to archives and books.

Visit the Museum

The museum can be visited mainly during summertime (June-August) when most of the historic farmsteads and other premises are open for visitors. During the summer it is possible to visit the old dwelling sites of the forest finns and learn more about their culture and history through guided tours, exhibitions and different arrangements that are suitable for the entire family. The museum library and the main exhibition in Svullrya gamle skole can be visited all year. For more information about the opening hours and entrance fees, please see Besøk oss (in Norwegian) or contact us.

Customer service and guided tours are also available in English.

The Museum Shop

The selections of the Museum Shop include several publications in English.
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